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Pack 4 cases


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Origen: Spain
Zona: Cáceres, Extremadura
Variedad: Manzanilla Cacereña
Marca: MO Manzanilla & Oleocanthal
Productor: Jacoliva

AROMA: Its aroma is exclusive, unique, different. This complex oil oozes a wealth of sensations, bursting with intense green fruit notes —apples and leaves— and its purity brings memories of fresh summer fruits. Notes of banana, green almonds, flowers, vanilla, pepper and cinnamon are also present and the background conjures images of holm oak forests, which abound where these olives are grown.

TASTE: The palate is pure and clean; sweet at the start, it soon gives way to a warm, lively bitterness and a fine peppery character.

COLOUR: Golden colour with jade hues, it is like no other and boasts an extraordinary quality.

DESCRIPTION: MO is a luxury brand of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil made of Manzanilla Cacereña variety. It is presented in an exclusive metallic patented case. The bottle has an exclusive certified wooden dosing cap with a sophisticated brand design.

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Packaging: 4 case + 4 bottles of 200 ml each.
Weight: Packing of 2.350 kg
Dimensions: Packing of 15 x 15 x 21 cm